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WIFI LED Smart Wall Lamp RGBIC Light Bar DIY Atmosphere Night Light APP Music Rhythm TV Backlight Bedroom Game Room Decoration

WIFI LED Smart Wall Lamp RGBIC Light Bar DIY Atmosphere Night Light APP Music Rhythm TV Backlight Bedroom Game Room Decoration

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Plug Type
Emitting Color


Power Source: AC

Item Type: Night Lights

Certification: CCC

Certification: ce

Certification: FCC

Certification: ROHS

Certification: UL

Brand Name: shustar

Voltage: 12V

Model Number: YD312

Shape: DIY

Power Generation: SWITCH


Body Material: ABS

Is Smart Device: YES

Wattage: 0-5W

Origin: Mainland China

Light Source: LED bulbs

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Is Batteries Required: No

Is Batteries Included: No

Type: Atmosphere

Choice: yes

• RGBIC Light Bar :The lamp features an RGBIC light bar that allows you to customize the color and music rhythm of the light.

• DIY Atmosphere :Create your own unique atmosphere with the lamp's DIY feature that lets you control the light's brightness and music.

• TV Backlight :Use the lamp as a TV backlight to create a relaxing ambiance while watching your favorite shows.

• App Control :Control the lamp from your smartphone with the app, making it easy to adjust the light's color, brightness, and music.


Name: Spliced LED Light

Certification: CE FCC ROHS UKCA

Voltage: 110-240V

Adapter: 24V/2A DC

Power: 24W

Brightness: 10CM/10000LUX

Light color: rgb + IC

Color scale: 3000-6500K

Brightness adjustment: 0-100% unlimited dimming

Application: (TUYA)(Smart life)

Dimming: button + APP control + voice control + music synchronization


【DIY RGB Line Light】 Any combination of 9 light bars can be used to create more wall lights according to your needs. Display 16 million+ RGB colors, multiple scene modes, perfect for many scenes such as game room and bedroom.

【Music Sync Mode】 The lights can dance to the rhythm of the music collected by your device microphone or phone. Turn your favorite song or game effect music into a symphony of flowing lights. Enjoy your own dreamy moments in your home theater or game room.

【Powerful Apps and Voice Control】LED Wall Light can be controlled by remote control and smart apps. The app provides powerful control and customization functions. With smart voice control, use the voice assistant device to turn the lights on and off, change the scene mode, and more. Pair your backlit modular lights with Alexa and Google Assistant to enjoy hands-free voice control.

【Easy to install】Make sure the wall surface is flat and dust-free before installation. Use the included double-sided foam adhesive to easily install the light bar on any smooth surface in your home.

【Wide Application】This ambient backlight can be applied to TV, computer, living room, etc. You can use it as monitor backlight or LED TV backlight to improve the home decor atmosphere.

Products include

Light bars (depending on the quantity purchased)

Connector (according to the number of purchases)

Power supply*1

Instruction manual*1

Round double-sided adhesive (according to the number of purchases)Products include

Light bars (depending on the quantity purchased)

Connector (according to the number of purchases)

Power supply*1

Instruction manual*1

Round double-sided adhesive (according to the number of purchases)

Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, if you need voice control you need to connect to the voice assistant

1、Instructions for use

(2)Please read this manual carefully before installation and use to make sure you fully understand the contents of the manual to avoid unnecessary losses.


(1)Try to avoid minefield, strong magnetic field, humidity and high voltage area when installing.

(2) Make sure the wiring is correct and firm to avoid accidents such as short-circuit damage to components and controller burnout.

(3) Please check the input power of the controller (must match the power voltage of the controller)


The controller PCBA of the dual-mode symphony splicing light has an external microphone and 7 physical buttons. Through the physical buttons, the mobile APP can operate the product with light brightness, color, various dynamic light change effects and light rhythm effect switching.

Operate the product.

5、APP Function

(1) Support mobile phone to install smart life APP for control

(2) Users can customize the product name after entering the APP operation page

(3) In the effect page, there are a variety of music and scene modes, the user can set the

speed/brightness/color for the various effect modes

(4) Support Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Genie, Baidu

(5) The APP supports ios10.0 or higher,Android 4.4 or higher

(6) Complete the download and installation after searching for "Smart Life" in the

I0S App Store/Android Google play App Store

You can also scan the QR code to download and install:

6. Matching Network

When the product is properly connected to the power supply, the indicator light blinks to indicate that the product has entered the match network mode.

(If the product is not in match network mode, press and hold the physical button to force it to match the network).

If there is no pop-up reminder after entering the APP homepage, enter the add interface through the "Add" in the middle of the screen or the "+" in the upper right corner of the screen.

At this time, continue to work, the top of the screen shows the search status, search for the product to be added, click the product icon (Figure 5), according to the interface reminders to complete the addition.

(2)Turn on the WlFl of your mobile phone and connect to the network manually:

Select the light strip(Bluetooth+Wi-Fi) in the lighting category (Figure 1), select Next (Figure 2)to enter the 2.4G network selection interface (Figure 3)

At this time, the light status selection (fast flashing/slow flashing) interface (Figure 4)

When the indicator light blinks rapidly, please select the Wi-Fi used by the user and enter the password (Fig. 1), then follow the interface operation prompts to complete the device addition (Fig. 2/3).

When the indicator light is blinking slowly, select the Wi-Fi that the user is using, enter the password (Fig. 1), and enter the AP hotspot to connect to the network jump interface (Fig. 2).

Click to jump to mobile network settings (Figure 3), select SmartLife-xxXX hotspot, return to SmartLife APP, and wait for APP to finish matching automatically.

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