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VEVOR Hot Water Dispenser Adjustable 11 Temperatures Water Boiler and Warmer 304 Stainless Steel Countertop Water Heater

VEVOR Hot Water Dispenser Adjustable 11 Temperatures Water Boiler and Warmer 304 Stainless Steel Countertop Water Heater

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Brand Name: VEVOR

Use: Household Pre-Filtration

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Stainless Steel Mesh

Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier

Certification: CE

Item Model Number: EKA-3.2CK

Voltage: AC120V 60Hz

Power: 680W

Capacity: 3.0L / 0.79Gal

Temperature Setting: 104℉/ 113℉/122℉/131℉/140℉/149℉/158℉/167℉/176℉/185℉/194℉ (40℃/45℃/50℃/55℃/60℃/65℃/70℃/75℃/80℃/85℃/90℃)

Material: PP & Stainless Steel

Liner Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Net Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs

Product Size: 11.6 x 8.4 x 11 in/295 x 213 x 282 mm

Features & Details
  • Large Capacity: Our hot water dispenser with 680W high power that rapidly boils water, providing you with hot water whenever you need it. With its generous 3L capacity, it can serve up to 10 cups of refreshing 300ml drinks. Two-way to dispense: auto-dispensing or cup switch. This instant hot water dispenser can meet your daily hydration needs with ease.
  • Customized Temperature: Experience precise temperature control with 11 adjustable settings, ranging from 104℉ (40℃) to 194℉ (90℃). You can preset your desired temperature, and the hot water dispenser countertop efficiently maintains your choice. Ensure your beverages like milk, honey water, lemon-infused delights, or soothing tea are always brewed to perfection.
  • Premium Food-Grade Build: Crafted from food-grade materials, this water heater and dispenser boasts a 304 stainless steel inner liner, spout, and inner cover. Not only is it rust-resistant, but it's also highly durable. Cleaning is a breeze as the lid easily separates from the bottle body, ensuring a hygienic experience.
  • Boil with Confident: This countertop hot water dispenser includes a dry burn protection feature that automatically cuts off power when the water level is too low. Additionally, a child lock function ensures the safety of your little ones and elderly family members. Enjoy peace of mind while using this hot water dispenser.
  • Portable and Versatile: The built-in handle makes it effortless to carry this electric hot water dispenser anywhere you desire. Whether it's the dining room, living room, kitchen, tea room, or even your bedroom, you can enjoy hot water at your fingertips. Experience the convenience of having hot water wherever you go.
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