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ONENUO Tuya WiFi Smoke Detector Photoelectric Sensor Fire Alarm Home Kitchen Security System Work With Smart Life APP

ONENUO Tuya WiFi Smoke Detector Photoelectric Sensor Fire Alarm Home Kitchen Security System Work With Smart Life APP

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Brand Name: ONENUO

Model Number: 228WT

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: none

Type: Smoke Detector

Smart home platform: Tuya

Choice: yes

• Photoelectric Sensor :The photoelectric sensor in this smoke detector ensures accurate and reliable detection of smoke, even in low-light conditions.

• WiFi Connectivity :With WiFi connectivity, you can easily integrate this smoke detector into your existing home security system and control it remotely using the Smart Life app.

• Smart Home Platform :This smoke detector is part of the Tuya smart home platform, which allows you to easily control and automate your home security system with ease.

• NONE Certification :This smoke detector has not been certified by any recognized certification body, so you should exercise caution when using it in your home.

Product parameters:

◆ APP name: Tuya Smart or Smart Life

Battery type: AAA1.5V*2 (Not include battery)

◆ Quiescent current: ≤10uA

◆ Alarm Current: ≤120mA

◆ Low-battery remind function

◆ Low power undervoltage: ≤2.4V

◆Wifi: 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz

◆ Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

◆ Working Humidity: ≤95%

◆ Alarm Sound Level: 80dB/1m

◆ Detecting Range: 20㎡

◆ Installation Method: Ceiling Mounted

◆ Size: 90*90*40mm

Product package included:

1x Sensor (Not include battery)
1xUser manual

Product Features:

Product introduction

This product is an intelligent WIFI photoelectric smoke sensor. It is able to detect the presence of smoke in real time. Once the danger of fire smoke is detected, the red LED of the sensor will illuminate and alarming to remind you and your family in time. It can be widely used in homes, lounges, coffee shops, dance halls and other places where fire alarm monitoring is required. (This sensor cannot detect gas/heat/fire.)

3. 80dB(A)*Alarm Sound

The smoke detector is built-in 80dB alarm voice, let people respond in time and deal with it quickly.

lf the sensor detects smoke,your phone can get danger alarm

When smoke concentration exceeds the limit.the detector will immediately send alarm signaland app push notifications to the user.

Mobile Phone APP alarm push

When smoke detector detects smoke, your phone will get app alarm push. Let you get rid of potential danger and economic loss.

Wide range of applications

Products are widely used in fire prevention fields,including homes, warehouses, hotels, factories, shopping

Recommended installation location

The alarm can be installed on the ceiling or inclined; if it needs to be installed on a sloping roof or a diamond-shaped roof, the inclination angle should not be greater than 45°, and the distance is 50cm.
【Flat ceiling mounting】The best place to install the smoke sensor is in the center of the ceiling. Because the smoke, heat, and combustibles that rise to the ceiling spread laterally. Please keep at least 30cm away from lights or other decorations.
【Sloping ceiling installation】If the ceiling is sloping, please install the smoke sensor at a horizontal distance of 90cm from the ceiling pendant.

Wifi + Bluetooth Dual Mode

Connect to the network faster. The connection network speed is 2 times faster than only Wifi. (Bluetooth is only used for network signal connection, Bluetooth cannot be used alone. WIFI+Bluetooth is more stable)

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