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Mini Microscope Thermal Imaging Special Tuner Lens Detector

Mini Microscope Thermal Imaging Special Tuner Lens Detector

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Product Information:
Resolution :48640 effective temperature measuring points
Name: Super lR Cam Mini microscope special thermal salty imager
Package size :191*171.5*38mm
Input voltage :5v
Temperature measurement range :-20~120-c
Interface Type :Type-c


  Infrared heat sensor, effective temperature measurement at 48640 points (256*190) with a protective cover that can be blocked if not used

  Do not block the lens, compatible with different high and low microscope light sources

  The rotating mechanism can be adjusted to provide any angle of rotation,adapt to different microscope heights,and make the images more synchronized

  Detection is more intuitive, visible light/thermal imaging images in the same position, more intuitive

  Separate expansion bracket compatible with more models

  Compatible with a variety of thermal imaging, other models of thermal imaging can also be modified

  Subitable for multiple applications

  Electricity Leakage Quick Check is to quickly locate theabnormal temperature according to the real-time temperature, by adjusting the temperature range to troubleshoot the defect in details

  PCBA quick diagnosis, available for technicians,with function of electricity quick check, to find defect location more quickly and accurately

  3D Effect, available for evaluators,the 3D effect mode can better display the heat distribution

Packing list:
Main engine of thermal imager *1
Vertical fixing rod *1
Microscope extension Support *1
Type-C digger line black USB2.0* 1
L-shaped hexagon wrench H3.0*1
L-shaped hexagon wrench H1.3*1
Hexagon socket screws *1

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