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Beautiful Glass Cover Mechanical Watch Shaker

Beautiful Glass Cover Mechanical Watch Shaker

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Product information:

Exterior: piano paint + high density board + glass
Inside: aluminum alloy + environmental protection glue
Motor: Japan Mabuchi silent motor
Mode: first gear adjustment mode
Power supply: with 5V power cord
Pillows: One set includes two pillows of size

Power supply: Power supply and battery power supply cannot be used at the same time, the power supply is plug and play, the original power supply is used, and the life of the shaker is longer; the batteries use two AA batteries, and the battery life is easy to use. The specific use time shall prevail.

Size Information:

Table seat size: 18cm*18cm*23cm
Pillow size: 3.2*4.5*6.5cm/2.2*3.5*5.5cm

Packing list:

Shaker +Power cord+Packaging box*1

Product Image:

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