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Balança Cozinha Digital 10kg Alta Precisão Dieta E Nutrição

Balança Cozinha Digital 10kg Alta Precisão Dieta E Nutrição

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Brand Name: other

Certification: none

Origin: Mainland China

Material: ABS

Accuracy: 0.1g

Scale Type: DIGITAL

Power Source: Battery

Model Number: SF-400

Shape: Rectangle

Feature: LED Display

Smart Kitchen scale Digital electronic food scale Weighing Scale SF-400 10KG / 1g Kitchen Mail LCD Digital Scale White


Healthy diet is an essential part of everyday life. Do you want to join the ranks of healthy eating? Do you know how to choose a digital kitchen scale? Please pay attention to this digital kitchen scales, it will be your best choice. This is a professional scale designed for kitchen, mail room or even your workshop. It features a large durable tray for routine weighing. The digital kitchen scale is battery operated, easy to use. Do not hesitate, hurry up and buy one for your home.


1. Guaranteed for craftsmanship and quality, durable enough for your daily using;

2. Fit for your kitchen and daily diet designing;

3. Beautiful appearance, special surface treatment;

4. Wide LCD screen display, easy to read;

5. Automatically locks the reading when data is stable;

6. Low power consumption, Low battery indicator,tare function;

7. The scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power;

8. Tempered glass platform, easy to clean;

9. Main body use ABS engineering plastic as main material;

10. High-precision tension meter sensing system;

11. Tare weighing function.


1. Condition: New

2. Max Weight: 10000g / 353oz

3.Min Weight: 1g / 0.1oz

4. Units: g,oz

5. Accuracy Resolution: 1g / 0.1oz

6. Material: ABS

7. Color: White

8. Display: LCD

9. Auto Power off: Yes

10. Dimensions: (9.65x6.7 x1.38) / (24.5 x17 x 3.5)cm (L x W x H)

11. Weighing Platform Diameter: 5.79 / 14.7cm

12. Weight: 9.95oz / 282g

Package Includes:

1 x Kitchen Scales

1 x User Manual

2 x 1.5V AA Battery(Except the United States, others do not)


1.) Every time you use an electronic kitchen scale, please weigh it on a flat surface.

2.) This scale has a certain anti-pressure function, low accuracy can exceed anti-pressure, high accuracy should not exceed 5 times the original weight.

3.) If the low battery sign (Lo) is displayed, please replace the battery in time. If you do not use it for a long time, you should remove the battery to avoid battery leakage and damage the circuit.

4.) This scale is only suitable for household weighing, not for industrial measurement and trade settlement.

5.) If there is a non-human failure, please send it to our company or the company's designated maintenance point for repair, and can not be disassembled at will.

6.) Don't stack objects on the scale when not in use, so as to avoid a large amount of battery consumption and malfunction.

7.) Try to put the items in the middle when weighing to improve accuracy.

8.) Don't hit the scale hard.

9.) Do not use it in a place with water stains, and do not rinse with water.

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